Marijuana Quick Facts

Quick questions and answers regarding the Marijuana

What is Marijuana?
Marijuana (Cannabis) generally refers to the dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This mixture typically is green, brown, or gray in color and closely resembles the appearance of tobacco. The major mind altering chemical in Cannabis is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The effects of Marijuana depends on the amount of THC it contains. For the year 2006, most Marijuana contained, on average, 7 percent THC.
How is Marijuana used?
Marijuana and other Cannabis products are most commonly smoked. The Marijuana is often rolled using tobacco paper (called joints) or placed into a hollowed out cigar wrapper (called blunts). Users can also smoke Marijuana by placing it in a pipe or water pipe (commonly referred to as a bong). You can also experience the effects of Marijuana by eating, as some users place Marijuana in baked goods such as brownies or cookies.
How many people use Marijuana?
According to a survey published in 2009 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there were 16.7 million Americans (or 6.6%) who used Marijuana in the past month. 7
How long does the effects of Marijuana last?
This mainly depends how much is used but the most common answer is 3-4 hours.
How are people tested for Marijuana use?
The several different methods for detecting marijuana use. Some of the majorily used test are the urine test, hair test, and/or saliva test. The urine test is most commonly used since it is gives quick results and is cost effective, the hair test tends to be the most accurate as it can test lower doses of use for a longer period of time. The saliva test is the easiest to administer and can be given at home using a home test kit
How long does Marijuana stay in your body?
The speed at which Marijuana leaves your body depends on several factors including the speed of your metabolism, the potency of the THC, and the amount of Marijuana you smoke. Most commonly, traces of Marijuana can stay in your saliva for up to 3 days, urine for up to 30 days, and your hair for up to 90 days.
What are some street names for Marijuana ?
There are over 200 slang terms for Marijuana in the popular vernacular. Some of more popular names include: Pot, herb, weed, grass, widow, boom, ganja, hash, Mary Jane, Cannabis, bubble gum, northern lights, fruity juice, gangster, skunk and chronic.
Does driving under the influence of Marijuana affect driving abilities?
Yes. Even low doses of Marijuana can impair driving motor skills. The drug significantly affects judgment and concentration. It also affects perception and slower eye adjustment to change in light.